The new look of total security Smart Phone Control Freedom


The new SOLO advanced smart-monitoring security system is a small but powerful, self-contained, wireless IP security system which your clients operate from their smart-phone. It is incredibly easy to install with an expanding base of RMR options.

Smart Phone Control

Personal Emergency Response

The new SOLO Personal Emergency Response System provides peace of mind to your clients and their loved-ones by providing real-time remote monitoring along with instant personal emergency signalling enabling a unique solution for continued independence.



Clients Considering Assisted Living?

Considering Assisted-Living? As the aging population increases, most elderly people, when asked, would prefer to stay in their own home as long as they possible. SOLO is designed with this is mind and notifies your client’s loved one about any unusual activity or non-activity. The client’s contacts can also monitor the activity anytime or anywhere via the mobile app or web portal.


Other Products

Door/Window/Cabinet Sensor


Pet Immune IR Motion Sensor


The Connect2Go Service

Our interactive service offers your client, and their loved-ones, the following:

  • ◗ Zone Activity and Zone Inactivity monitoring (optional)
  • ◗ Event Logging
  • ◗ Alerting by e-mail or SMS. Up to 30 different contacts.
  • ◗ Full Network Supervision
  • ◗ Ability to label Zones (Wireless Activity Sensors and the Noise Detection sensor) and Users for ease of reporting
  • ◗ The proprietary “Zone Map” feature provides system occupancy at a single glance
  • ◗ Mobile App – iPhone and Android compatible
  • ◗ Multi-language portal support